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Swissbaren AG is a self-administered, self-managed, equity real estate investment company founded in 2009. Swissbaren AG committed to setting the bench marks for the real estate business, including development, property management, asset management, project management, finance, leasing and marketing.

In terms of quality, we are a first class partner for both owners and tenants, providing added value and rewarding opportunities.

We seek smaller, more entrepreneurial transactions, typically between EUR 10 million and EUR 50 million, that are too large for individual investors but too small for the larger funds.



  • Real estate services for demanding private and institutional investors in Europe with a focus on sustainable performance and the highest levels of quality
  • A clear ambition to be best-in-class in all real estate services Operation of a branch network which ensures property proximity and customer focus
  • Selective growth strategy
  • A solid track record of operational and financial performance
  • A strong financial position that allows it to capitalize on acquisition and development opportunities
  • Goal oriented team work with a challenging and supportive management style







  • Lead at every opportunity
  • Invest through creative deal making Execute on commitments
  • Drive value through exceptional operations Be accountable every day




  • Act like owners
  • Get things done
  • Embrace change
  • Value teamwork, diversity and community
  • Learn, grow and develop




  • Own high-quality assets
  • Focus on dynamic markets
  • Manage for consistent growth
  • Maintain disciplined capital allocation
  • Create long-term value




  • Compete aggressively
  • Out-think and out-work the competition Exceed customers expectations Always be proactive
  • Expect to win

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